My life with a grill. Blaufrankisch and 60 days dry aged WAGYU steaks

A small provocative question to start with. What is bette? A classic charcoal grill or a modern gas grill? Charcoal, atmosphere and such, is an emotional favorite. We must all acknowledge that. But the atmosphere is redeemed by dirty coal and complicated washing of the grill. For my 40th birthday, I received a gift that I had longed for. My family knows me well and that’s why she bought me a practical gas grill. I fell in love with him at first sight and I really don’t understand how I could have survived 40 years without a grill so far?

Steaks, that was the first thought when I saw the beautiful and licking grill. I had some first attempts at steaks, I tried to bake them at home in a pan. The results were, well, as I would say diplomatically, not exactly outrageous. But I knew where the mistake was. The pan on the electric stove simply cannot accumulate a sufficiently high temperature. But that was not the main problem. A much bigger problem is to get a suitable – quality meat for steaks. Basically, such meat is not sold in Slovakia.

The last time I was in Prague, I made a great catch on my own. Right next to the Bokovka wine bar, where the Vulcanists had a Pesecká leánka event, is my favorite gift shop called OUR MEAT. I peeked inside to buy a woman a romantic souvenir and what I don’t see there. A beautiful collection of 60 days of mature WAGYU steaks in a glass refrigerated display case. They literally shouted at me “Janko, Janko”. I bought a few: T-BONE, high grate, peeled shoulder, walnut. They were expensive like slag. I speculated all the way home. What wine for those beautifully marbled WAGYU steaks? This serious question literally burned my insides. Then there, somewhere on the Czech – Slovak border, it enlightened me. Blaufränkisch 2017! It will certainly be a great love. I couldn’t wait for Sunday and the family barbecue.

I started with letting the steaks heat slowly over an indirect fire. This great NAPOLEON grill also has a wire second floor above the grate for this purpose. I placed the steaks on this second floor and constantly checked their internal temperature with a thermal probe. I heated them until the internal temperature reached 46 ° C.

Then I wrapped them in foil so that their internal temperature did not drop and put them on a plate. I closed the grill and let the gas burners go full to reach the highest possible temperature on the grill. In the meantime, I painted the steaks with released Ghee butter, which was prepared by my mother. Our cow Blekula is a faj – Jersey, she has very fatty milk and released butter from it is a delicacy.

When the temperature in the grill reached its maximum, I placed the steaks coated with the released butter on the hot grill of the grill. I did not close the grill, it remained open during this phase. I roasted the steaks on each side on a hot grill for about 3 minutes. The goal was to achieve a crunchy outer layer. After about 6 to 7 minutes, I put the steaks off the grill. Their internal temperature was then 54 ° C. So they were about medium.

In our family, slaughterhouses have a long tradition. Pork and beef. I immodestly think that what we know about meat and its preparation. And how did the mature WAGYU steaks turn out? We pounced on them like obsessed. They evoked long-forgotten memories of prehistoric man from our subconscious. Wild and uncivilized tastes. Archaic and difficult to describe…