Pivnica BRHLOVCE Winery

Craft wine is the opposite of modern and cold industrial production. We produce artisanal wine exclusively in the traditional artisanal way without the use of industrial oenological preparations. Craft wine is the result of the skill and experience of the winemaker and therefore, in our opinion, craft wine is part of the cultural heritage of Slovakia, which was left to us by our ancestors. The task and mission of craft wineries is to keep this tradition and cultural heritage alive at all costs and pass it on to future generations.

Creating wine is a process

Pivnica BRHLOVCE is a family winery, which is located in Rock Dwellings in the village Brhlovce.

In childhood, wine and the vineyard were an everyday part of our family life. It never occurred to me that one day wine making would become my profession. I studied photography at University and spent some time in corporate professional world, only to return to my roots in 2011 and continue the family tradition of winemaking. I founded the craft winery Pivnica BRHLOVCE.

My aim is to make wine in the traditional craft way, as I remember from childhood. In the cellar, I follow mainly intuition and experience. I perceive wine as a form of artistic creation, it is a manifestation of emotion rather than a perfect technological process according to precisely supplied instructions. The result is wines that are the opposite of mechanical, industrial production.

The wine is the result of the joint efforts of people who mow in the vineyards, pick grapes, ride tractors, bottle wine and pack it in boxes. People who create labels deal with bureaucracy and interpersonal relationships. People you don’t see at the tastings, but we care about, and without whom no wine would be made.

Find wines from Pivnice BRHLOVCE in the world and in Slovakia

Gourmets all over the world drink wines from Pivnice BRHLOVCE. Most wines flow to Canada (Montreal), USA (New York City), Great Britain (London), France (Reims) and the Czech Republic (Prague).

In Slovakia, you can taste wines from Pivnice BRHLOVCE not only at our tasting, but you can also order them through Gourmet TAXI. Distribution in Slovakia is provided by KubBo Select – Košice and Wined – Bratislava.

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