Pesecká leánka 2021 - Happiness

Pesecká leánka 2021 - Happiness

Pesecká Leánka 2021 is distinctive and fruity wine. The aroma is dominated by oranges and apricots, which are complemented by the exotic scent of cloves, with a touch of meadow flowers in the background. The acids are pronounced but rounded. The body has a solid structure, built on fine tannins. The aftertaste is long and pronounced, with a touch of minerality. A distinctive wine that can also be paired with heavier or exotic dishes.

The grapes come from a 50-year-old vineyard and were fermented for seven days on skins. It then fermented and matured for eleven months in a stainless steel vessel. The wine was not clarified. Noble sediment is a natural part of this fruit wine.

Volume 0.75 l Alcohol 12% | Location Žemberovce | Vineyard Modorik

Catalog number: BR004-1-1-1



Pesecká Leánka



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