Pesecká leánka 2022 - Happiness

Pesecká leánka 2022 - Happiness

Pesecká Leánka, our local variety, has gradually developed in my interpretation over the past years.

Pesecká Leánka 2022 is distinctive and fruity wine. The aroma is dominated by oranges and apricots, which are complemented by the exotic scent of cloves, with a touch of meadow flowers in the background. The acids are pronounced but rounded. The body has a solid structure, built on fine tannins. The aftertaste is long and pronounced, with a touch of minerality. Approachable wine that can also be paired with heavier or exotic dishes.

Pesecká Leánka 2022 has been fermented on grape skins for seven days using wild yeast, then pressed and matured for eleven months in a stainless steel vessel. The wine was not clarified. Nóble sediment is a natural part of this fruit wine.

Volume 0.75 l Alcohol 12% | Location Žemberovce | Vineyard Modorik

Catalog number: EN001

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