Pinot Blanc 2022 - Impression

Pinot Blanc 2022 - Impression

Pinot Blanc 2022 – Impression is an expressive and at the same time fine wine, inspired by the impressionist image. The aroma is dominated by tones of butter pear in the background complemented by delicate white pepper. The wine needs a larger glass and time to open comprehensively. The firm and elegant body has fresh and harmonious acids. The aftertaste is long and mineral with a fine bread finish at the end. Simply an impressionist painter with a rich variety of flavors.

The grapes were on the skins for 7 days. Part of the wine matured in 300 l French barrels, a combination of oak and agate wood. Part in 200 l oak barrels. The wine was not clarified. Noble sediment is a natural part of this wine.

Volume 0.75 l | Alcohol 12,5% | Location Žemberovce | Vineyard Balážová

Catalog number: EN003

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