Pinot Noir 2022 - Surreal

Pinot Noir 2022 - Surreal

Fresh and elegant Pinot noir 2022- Surreal is about a magical moment, about a thin line between dream and reality. Pinot Noir from a small vineyard ( 1,0 ha. ) that grows on volcanic soil in Brhlovce. Light ruby to brick color. The aroma is delicate, elegant and sophisticated. The primary aroma is dominated by small red fruits. The body is delicate, elegant, as per Pinot Noir. It has a firm and elegant structure thanks to fresh acids, which are harmoniously incorporated into the body. The aftertaste is long and distinctly fruity.

The grapes fermented for 3 and a half weeks in an open vat. Subsequently, it went to 300 l and 200 l French oak barrels, where it matured for 12 months.

Volume 0.75 l | Alcohol 12.5% | Location Brhlovce | Vineyard Pod Šahynky

Catalog number: EN007

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