Terroir Vulcanic Soil

Brhlovce is located in the central southwest of the Slovak Republic.
Wine growing region: Nitra
Sub-region: Tekov ( Levice District )

From a geological and biological point of view, the hot – southern part of Europe (Panonian Basin – Pannonicum) ends here and the cold – northern part of Europe (Western Carpathians – Carpaticum occidentale) begins.

In the summer, hot and warm air flows from the Pannonian Basin to us from the south, which in our country encounters an impenetrable and cold wall formed by the Štiavnica Hills. This natural wall, dominated by the stratovolcano Sitno, will stop the southern heat that gives our grapes to ripen.

Thanks to the exceptional warmth, red varieties thrive very well in our country, especially Frankovka Modreja, Pinot Noir.

Brhlovce is located on the northern border of vineyard cultivation in Central Europe. Vineyards grow here at the foot of the southern slopes of the Štiavnica Mountains and on the adjacent Ipeľ Hills. Our vineyard sinks its roots deep into the volcanic subsoil, which was created in ancient times by the once mighty volcano Sitno.

There is a big difference between the individual vintages of wines from Brhlovice due to the nature of the weather. Therefore, the key to understanding the wines from Pivnice BRHLOVCE is to know the location of both the vineyard and the character of the vintage from which you are drinking wine.

Cold vintages such as 2010 and 2014 have brought wines fresher with higher acidity, which need a longer time to show us their inner beauty and elegance. In warm vintages such as 2012 and 2015, wines are more opulent and usually even more accessible.

It is a magical place where two climatic worlds meet on a volcanic bedrock. We live on the edge, in a land of contrasts. In autumn and winter, winter and frost flow from us to the Štiavnica Hills, but the summers in Brhlovce are very warm and dry.