Blaufränkish. The Empress of Central Europe (e-book sample for a free download)

7. December 2022

Frankovka modrá, often known as Blaufränkish, is the most widespread red grape variety in Central Europe. But do we really know Blaufränkish?

According to the latest DNA research, Blaufränkish is a clearly indigenous variety native to the Pannonian Plain, but we know very little about its origins and still do not know the exact reason why it spread so massively at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Central European vineyards. Historical resources are limited and relevant facts often converge with legends and myths.

Nevertheless we would like to reconstruct its history and place it in the context of Central Europe. While working on a more complex guide to wines of Central Europe, you can enjoy reading a sample and learn why Blaufränkish is a true Empress of Central Europe.

Content of the e-book

  • Blaufränkish, Pinot Noir of Central Europe?
  • The Empress of Central Europe, heritage of the Habsburg Monarchy. 
  • Climatic factors affecting the Pannonian Plain
  • Origin of the name Blaufränkisch
  • The Little Ice Age, Ottoman occupation and 30 Years’ War
  • The first mentions of Blaufränkisch
  • The official genetic origin of Blaufränkisch
  • Phylloxera and Blaufränkisch
  • The modern history of Blaufränkisch
  • Grilled goose breast and Blaufränkisch from Tekov

Download the e-book: Blaufrankish, The Empress of Central Europe.